Relationship Dialogue training


Want to maintain your personal relationships in an effective and longlasting way, from mutual enjoyment and growth?

That’s what the Relationship Dialogue training is about. In three days you learn to use tools to implement this into your daily life.

Thanks to the training, you will be able to communicate your wishes in a clear way to your personal relations, recognize misunderstandings and turn confrontations into mutual growth and create clarity about what you want your relationships to look like and how to realize this.

About the training

The Relationship Dialogue training lasts three days and during the training we work with a unique combination of experiential learning and intellectual learning. Experiential learning is learning by doing and experiencing. Through energetic and challenging processes you see how you deal with certain things and how you can do it in a different way. Because you see and experience this the results are sustainable and long-lasting. After all, experiences are easier to remember than what you read in a book. You also get simple, practical and effective tools, which will support you to implement what you learned and experienced. The experiences will be supported by intellectual learning, overviews and theories. Because of the method we use you develop the mindset to create the relationships you want.

During the Relationship Dialogue training, you will learn how to have a conversation in an effective way and convey a message in such a way that the receiver will listen to what you’re saying.

Subjects during the training:

  • Restoring trust and creating it with yourself and others.
  • Realizing wishes you have for relationships.
  • Solve and prevent conflict situations.
  • Handling negative feedback.
  • Creating clarity in what you want your relationships to look like and how you can get cooperation.

The Relationship Dialogue training is a valuable investment in you and the people around you. It will allow you to build a good foundation in your future relationships.


Location of the training:

Humanication Offices
7th Gazit Street
Sgula Industrial Area, Petah Tiqwa

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For your convenience, nearby parking lots free of charge.

Practical information


The Relationship Dialogue training cost 2100 NIS, including VAT. For those registered as couples, total price is 3600 NIS, meaning 1800 NIS each, including VAT.

Up to 18 installments without interest Available.

Days and times

The Relationship Dialogue training starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. The times are as follows:
Thursday: 09:00-18:00
Friday: 09:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-18:00

A follow up evenings will take place after the training.
Dates of the evenings will be provided upon registration.
To keep yourself updated with upcoming trainings dates, click here.

Food & beverages

You can bring your food and beverages with you. Refrigerators and microwaves where you can store and prepare your food, as well as coffee and tea, will be at your service.
Several breaks will be scheduled during the day.