About Us

We are Humanication and what we do is inspiring people to increase their happiness and success in a simple and powerful way. What we want to accomplish is to create a human society through love, partnership and inspiration.

We believe that everyone has the potential to live the life of his or her dreams and to create the life they have in mind. For example, think about relationships, work and leisure time. What we do is train and coach people to increase their happiness and success in those areas that they want. We show participants how they can look at their life differently and through this transform their life.

Our method

In our trainings, we offer a combination of intellectual learning and experiential learning. Experiential learning is learning by seeing and by experiencing. Through energetic and inspiring processes you see how you handle obstacles in your life and how you can handle them differently. Because you see and experience this, the results of the trainings are sustainable and long-lasting. It’s easier to remember experiences than what you’ve read in a book.

You also learn simple, practical and effective tools, which will support you in implementing what you’ve learned and experienced. The experiences are supported by intellectual learning, overviews and theories.

Through our trainings, we want to enable people to go for those things in life that are important to them. Whether it’s work, relationships or leisure time: the participants determine what they want to work on during the trainings. The tools and solutions we offer are simple to implement and powerful in the effect they have.


Our trainers are educated, supported by experienced trainers and they have years of experience. What they teach to the participants, they implement daily into their own lives.

Results of the Trainings

Because of our unique training method, participants get a substantial amount of results, short- as well as long-term.